Nirmal Milk Products Association

Date of Incorporation : 23rd April 2015

CIN No : U15490MH2015NPL263724


Osmanabad district belongs to Marathwada region (of Maharashtra State, India), which suffer from underdevelopment. The development ranks of the districts in these regions are not better than those of the districts of most underdeveloped states of the country (Government of Maharashtra 2014). Osmanabad district comprises of 8 Tehsils, 9 towns (MCIs), 622 gram panchayats, and 728 villages (Census 2011), the district is located in a semi-arid and drought-prone area.

Bhoom Taluka under the Osmanbad District, Bhoom taluka is basically a hilly region. Thus, the major part of land available there is more non-agricultural. There is plenty amount of fodder available for cows and other animals. There is very little scope for Agriculture due to the area being drought prone. But there is large amount of milk available from the cattle, majorly jersey cows. Bhoom taluka is major milk producer in Marathwada since beginning. Bhoom Taluka produce about 3, 00,000 Litres of Milk every day. So, the local people decided to start milk related business. So along with Agriculture as their side business, they started making khawa. Khawa production became major activity and source of income for farmers. Conversion of milk into Khawa helps to enhance shelf-life of milk to overcome challenges for transport to market.

Until 2015, all Khawa producers were operating as unorganized traditional businesses. In 2015, initial promoters of the khawa clusters Mr. Vinod Jogdand, some Khawa enterpreuners came together to start social enterprise of Khawa production and to ease the problems faced in this traditional khawa production- its marketing and business sustainability. Mr. Vinod Jogdand & Few Traditional Khawa entrepreneur’s was formed in the name of Nirmal Milk Products Association, as Section 8 Company (Not for profit). This provided possibility of collectivization and joint business by small khawa producers. Currently, this Association is successfully implementing the Common Facility Centre under the guidance and monitoring of Industries Department, Government of Maharashtra as well as Association run Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Center, R&D, and Incubation Center.


To promote processing centers collect milk from farmers, primary producers small scale businesses, women entrepreneur, self-help groups or any other groups for developing various value added products and by products and to assist, promote, guide, educate them in the field of branding quality maintains, product standardization, packing and to explore new avenues.

To promote and carry out research and development activities and scientific research, knowledge, analytical studies in the field of milk products and to conduct seminars, workshop, study circles, review courses, conference, live event, distance education modules.

To create awareness to overcome various Challenges faced by milk industries such as production Constraints due to Resource Constraints, High cost of production by development of suitable milk production technologies to maximize the productivity under varied agro-climatic conditions and assessing and mitigating the climate change impacts, developing cost effective technologies to make milk production more sustainable through ecosystem.


To promote common facility centers, processing centers, institutes, and R&D Centers, Incubation Center, Knowledge Centers, and Clusters, vocational and non-vocational centers, training centers, Dairy tourism, for milk and milk products under any schemes programs, policy guidelines, imitative of Government of India, State Government or any Higher Authority or independently for the enlistment, development and growth of individuals, Farmers, women entrepreneur’s, self- help group, micro, small and medium enterprises in relation to milk and milk products.


Vinod Jogdand - Chairman