Common Facility Center (CFC) Khawa Cluster

Nirmal Milk Products Association Established of Common Facility Center (CFC) in MIDC Bhoom, Taluka Bhoom, District Osmanabad under Government of Maharashtra, Directorate of Industries (DoI) MSICDP Maharashtra state industrial cluster development programme schemes. This (CFC) known as “KHAWA CLUSTER BHOOM” for the Traditional Khawa making entrepreneur’s & dairy farmers on the year 2015. The CFC have following Facilities for Traditional Khawa making Entrepreneurs & Dairy Entrepreneurs, Farmers. CFC (Khawa Cluster) Provided following Facilities to Traditional khawa entrepreneurs & dairy farmers

Cold Storage Facility
  • 1000 Metric Ton Capacity with temperature -16° C
  • Product's Shelf Life is increased from 2 days to 6 months
  • To overcome market fluctuation throughout the years
  • Value Addition Facility
  • Pedha Making, equipped with modern automatic machineries
  • Product processing through Steam Boiler Technology
  • Capacity Processing-2 Ton Per Day
  • Packaging Facility
  • Sealing
  • Box Packing
  • Wrapping
  • Testing Facility
  • Maintains Standards of Hygiene(Lab supports for)
  • Consistent quality
  • Healthy Products

  • Center for Entrepreneurship cum Skill Development (CESD)

    Nirmal Milk Products Association has initiated the further integration in the projects. With the own cost the state of art skill activities are being established. The local traditionally operating Khawa making units, aspiring entrepreneurs, SHGs, the entrepreneurs engaged in milk sector , the educational institutes, research institutes and other stake holders are begin tied up for exclusive skills & research center in the field of dairy

    To conduct skill full training to above stated groups to become semi- skilled. People working in a self –actuating environment to produce innovation.

    1. Nirmal Milk Products Association Associated working with Tribal Training & Research Institute, Tribal Develop Department Government of Maharashtra on Entrepreneurship cum Skill development programme for the Tribal youths, Farmers, women’s swaysahyata gat. 100 beneficiaries participated in this programme.

    2. Nirmal Milk Products Association Associated working with PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Government of India) as a Training Provider dairy & dairy by products subject.

    Center for Research & Documentation and Incubation (CRDI)

    Way of Intervention through Research & Incubation the Nirmal Milk Products Association, Khawa Cluster Bhoom will make a Prominent role in holistic development of the region. NMPA developed an Innovative ‘Solar System based induction khawa making machine.

    The manufacturing process of Khawa has remained mostly traditional. Still many of the units

    Have been working with the traditional manufacturing techniques which are conventional. As a result, the quality and productivity is very low. Manual processing using Kadhai, Ultani, Bhata and Bhatti for making khawa. There is no advance technology. The problems created because of this technology/working style are as follows:-

    Quality:The quality of the khawa is not up to the mark.

    Fuel (Environment Damage): There is lot of fuel requirement in such kind of process to make khawa. For this furnace wood is used as a FUEL, About 500 species of trees are used as fuels daily in the Bhoom and the surrounding Talukas.

    Hygiene: This process is not at all hygienic. So it affects the quality of khawa. Khawa furnace and furnace are unclear in the vicinity; Khawa is produced in the form of UNHYGENIC, which can affect the health of the customer.

    Production: The production of khawa is very low in this process.

    Time-consuming process: This process takes long long time and produce less khawa.

    Hard work: There is so much of hard work involved in this process. As Compared to the hard work, the production of khawa is not that Much. one person can make one to five K.g. of khawa a day

    Packaging & Branding: Since Khawa Khawa is in UNHYGENIC format, and not in accordance with fssai’s norms, Khawa manufacturers are not expected to make profit because of their packaging and branding. Khawa entrepreneurs can’t reach product Export level.

    Traditional khawa bhatti Economy: Even with the hard work through the furnace, the average profit is Rs.300 to 400 per day per Khawa Bhatti.

    The Nirmal Milk Products Association has taken the initiative for all the issues, for this

    Change, the Solar-based Induction Khava making machine developed by NMPA.